The Fabrication Process

Creating Fine Jewelry From Sketches

Our unique skill is in the process of taking your item from sketch, or idea, to a finished product. The following shows how we can fabricate a ring from gold, alloy and stones to a complete finished product.

The Fabrication Process

We start by sourcing the gems (diamonds or colored stones). Once the gems have been picked out and the metal is decided upon (platinum, white gold, yellow gold, palladium, etc.), Arman begins the fabrication by alloying the metal. The alloying creates the different types of color (white or yellow) and the karat weight (22K, 18K, 14K, and 10K).

Once all these processes are completed the ring making process begins. He plies the metal into the desired form and starts making the ring, depending on the shape and style that was selected.

Once the ring is made, the setting and finishing is done.

Topaz Ring Sketch & Fabrication

In this particular case the ring was made around the stone, echoing the contour of the stone.

The process is started by plying the material into the thickness needed to make the ring. It proceeds by cutting out the various pieces and plying them into the desired shape.

Once all the shapes are finished, it’s a process of putting the ring together, and finally of soldering the various parts together.

When the soldering is done, the ring is set and polished.

Diamond Antique Ring Sketch & Fabrication

This ring began with the client’s mother’s and grandmother’s jewelry. She wanted to incorporate the two styles and diamonds into a ring of her own.

The sketch shows two different versions of the ring she described. She picked her favorite look and the process began.

Although there were many diamonds gathered from the two rings, they were not enough. Balls were created on the perimeter of the top to resemble more diamonds and to create the desired look.

Pendant Sketch and Fabrication

Having recently lost her husband, this client wanted to incorporate their two wedding bands into a heart pendant that she could wear.

A two sided open pendant which was envisioned as their holding hands with one heart.

One side signified his more rugged band with a single diamond. The other side her more gentle band with scattered diamonds.

The client chose to wear the rugged side on the inside to keep him close to her heart.