Arman Movsesian

About the Jewelers at Mona Lisa Jewelers

What Makes Mona Lisa Jewelers Different?

In today’s jewelry market, the person who makes your setting is not the person who sets your stones, and probably isn’t the person who chose the stones for that setting. We have the unique ability to bring the entire process together, from start to finish, which results in a finished product of unsurpassed exactness and quality.

The majority of work you find in the marketplace is cast into a form. Every piece we make is hand-formed and separately polished and assembled with care and precision, resulting in a level of sparkle, brilliance, and density that you won’t see in ordinary commercial pieces. Mona Lisa Jewelers Storefront at 333 Washington Street, Downtown Boston.

We don’t use commercial quality stones. We source only the best stones for our store and custom designed jewelry, and we use ideal-cut stones that are GIA certified to ensure quality.

Why do we go through so much effort?

We believe that the attention to detail and the craftsmanship that goes into every piece we make will result in an exquisite piece of jewelry to have for a lifetime.

Arman Movsesian

Arman is the artist behind Mona Lisa Jewelers and one of the few real craftsmen left in the industry. He has worked in the jewelry business for most of his life. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, he began as an apprentice at age of 10, setting diamonds. After many years of learning and practice, he came to the United States. And not long thereafter, opened his own shop in 1989. He has been perfecting his techniques ever since.

Arman takes great pride in his work. He truly loves what he does, and, he brings passion and excitement to his craft that is absolutely apparent in the pieces he creates.

Mona Lisa Jewelers

Arman’s unsurpassed skill, creativity, and attention to detail creates an environment of creativity and genuine desire to ensure his clients’ experience is one-of-a-kind. He takes great pride, joy, and get intense satisfaction from seeing the reaction from his clients and in making them happy.